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Published on June 14th, 2013 | by Digna van den Broek


3rd Dutch International Steelband Festival

Saturday the 22nd of June will see the 3rd Dutch International Steelband Festival hosted in the City of Apeldoorn, Netherlands.

The venue for his iconic  event is none other than the beautiful Oranjepark, a Royal Park in the the Palace Het Loo area. Ten steelbands from the Netherlands, Germany and Canada  will be performing on two stages.

Digna van den Broek of the Steelbandshop Holland with the support of locals,  Jan Koorenhof of Jan Koorenhof Productions and Ton van Laarhoven – Van Laarhoven Catering are responsible for the organisation of the event.

The Festival will start at 12.00 p.m. with an opening speech by Mrs. Margareth King-Rosseau, the Ambassador of Trinidad & Tobago based in Brussels, Belgium.

Performances by the Calypsonic Steel Orchestra and Mudan the Samba and Dance  Troupe will preceed the Ambassdor’s speech.

The day’s programme is as follows:



Apollo NL


The Steelmasters NL


Global Drums Canada
2.30-2.40 Mudan the Dance and Samba


Banda Nobra NL


PanMagic NL


Tropical Steelpans NL


Calypsonic Steel Orchestra Germany
6.10-6.30 Mudan the Dance and Samba


GPH/Slagkracht NL


Dutch Police Steelband NL
8.30-9.30/10.00 pm


Dutch Navy Steelband NL


Digna confirmed that the Festival is a non- profit making event with all participating steelbands playing for free in a non competitive arena.  Digna stated that the Festival in the Netherands is about fun and solidarity.

The Steelbands


The steel band of Musikverein Apollo Wissenkerke emerged from the drum band of their association. After their drummers played in a concert with the symphony orchestra and the Pipers of the Marines, their board of directors was so excited that they  decided to purchase a number of steelpan instruments. They still play as a drum band several times a year and the rest of the year the perform regularly as a steelband with the enthusiasm and enjoyment as their first priority.

Steelband PANMAGIC.

The largest steel band from the North of the Netherlands called PANMAGIC, comes from Great Guest and consists of 25 members, ranging in age from 10-50 years. PANMAGIC was founded by Paula James in June 2007 and last year celebrated its fifth anniversary.  Weekly rehearsals are held in Lettelbert (near Leek) and, where appropriate Paula will deliver private lessons to their members . Paula studied in New York and has lived in the Netherlands. for the past 20 years. PANMAGIC performs throughout the Netherlands and participates in the annual London Notting Hill Carnival.


Nederlandse Politie Steelband

After the raging fire on the 4th January 2012 which destroyed the instruments and trailers of the Dutch Police Steelband and Dutch Police Orchestra, the two orchestras are now fully functional with all new instruments and trailer. Since the 1st May 2012, the Dutch Police Steelband became part of Dutch Police Orchestra. The independent “Dutch Police Steelband” is now defunct and is amalgamated as part of the Foundation Dutch Police Orchestra. Since 2011, their artistic director, Charles van Zanten, has taken over the baton from Felix Walroud. In 1993, following the reorganization of the Dutch Police , the steel band was part of the then National Police Band.

Banda Nobra

Banda Nobra was originally a Samba band from Eindhoven, they have been in existence for the past 15 years and have built a positive reputation. As a steelband they are fairly new with only a handful of appearances and wanted to participate in the 3rd Dutch Steelband Festival to gain more prominence in the steelband world.  Their musical director is Jeroen Angel, who previously performed with the Navy steel drums and he has implemented the idea of combining the steel drums with Brazilian Samba. Banda Nobra has developed their unique sound in a very short time.

Global Drums Canada

The U of L Global Drums Steel Band comes from Alberta, Canada.  Adam Mason is their Director and their special guest artist is Tracy Thornton-renowned pan artist from the United States.  Global Drums has performed around the world including Japan, Trinidad &Tobago, Hawaii, Florida and London.  Global Drums wishes to thank the organizers of the festival, especially Digna van den Broek , for all the help and for making them feel so welcome.  They also wish to thank the bands who loaned them drums and pan tuner, Alan Coyle of Coyle Drum

Steelband van het Korps Mariniers

The Marine Corps steel band was created in 1969. The steel band instruments was a gift from the people of Aruba in 1969. The Marines will be playing alongside their Marine Corps Drum and Pipe Band. The band has an average of 50 performances annually includng  the Aruba Carnival and senior military receptions globally.  2014 sees them celebrate their anniversary with the release of a new CD.

The Steelmasters

The Steelmasters was formed in 1965 as a steel band of HNLMS De Zeven Provincieën. The instruments were made ​​by their leader Gerard van Elk who was taught in Curacao. 2015 sees The Steelmasters celebrated their 50th anniversary. They are the longest serving steel band in the Netherlands. They play with the authentic “Invaders style” pans, with performances at home and abroad. Their 2012 CD –  El Sonido del Acero reveals their wide repertoire of merengue, calypso, mambo, traditionals, both instrumental and vocal. They have six famly members over two generations playing in the band .


This band is a collaboration of two steelbands – Slagkracht from Barneveld (8 people) and Steelband Gruno’s Post Concert from Groningen (17 people) and are both musically led by Auke Eshuis Stand. They play mostly traditional steel band music (Soca and Calypso). The bands will play for the first time at the Festival and hopefully there will be a sequel.

Tropical Steelpans

Tropical Steel Pans Steelband from Callantsoog is celebrating their fifth anniversary this year. Even though they were playing since 2002 they became a traditional steelband in 2007. During their existence they have performed both at home and abroad including performances at Dam to Dam, the Amsterdam marathon, the Nijmegen March and many celebrations and festivals.  They have also performed twice at the Caribbean Nights event in Dortmund. Their wide repertoire includes Trinidadian Soca, a Fragile in Samba and Guus Meeuwis in Calypso.

Calypsonic Steel Orchestra

The Calypsonic Steel Orchestra is a youth steel band from Dortmund, Germany.  They play mainly calypso, soca and reggae music, party tunes from the caribbean, but they also do own arrangements of classical, pop and rock music.   The CSO won several important prizes in german music competions, e.g. “1st Price” in “Deutscher Orchester Wettbewerb”. In 2012 four of their members played with the ‘Real Steel Orchestra’ who won the UK National Panorama competition.

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