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Trinidad and Tobago

Published on January 17th, 2017 | by Angela Fox


National Panorama Single Pan Band Preliminaries 2017 – Transformation in Steel.

Jah Roots will be the first south-based band to be judged as the National Panorama Single Pan Band Preliminaries continues.

Playing the band’s arrangement of Aldwyn Roberts’ “Sixty Seven”, Jah Roots which hails from Ernest Gardens, Warden Road, Point Fortin, is led by patriarch Jessy Lessey.

Nine (9) bands are listed in this region and will be judged before a four-person panel at their respective panyards starting Friday January 20th with the first four(4) bands while the next five (5) will be heard on Saturday January 21st.

Of which, three (3) have opted for songs/tunes composed by Austin Lyons. They are Highlighters (“Fete”), New Age Trendsetters (“Nani Wine”), and Pan Angels (“Signal To Lara”).

The order of appearance is as follows:-

Friday January 20th, 2017 – 7:00 pm

Band                                        Selection                    Composer                                Arranger

1 Jah Roots                              Sixty Seven                 Aldwyn Roberts                    The Band

2. La Romaine Super Vibes Full Extreme Ultimate Rejects                       Garvin Williams/Hudson Henry

3.Highlighters                          Fete                             Austin Lyons                            Jason Farell

4. Shades In Steel Showdown (Band Meets Band) Machel Montano/Peter Lewis  Dante Pantin


Saturday January 21st – 2:00 pm

  1. Rio Claro Koskeros Johnny Robin Imanshah/Gary Dore                        Kenny Pascall


  1. Kings Row Retro Riddum Judith Owen Reyes Johnson                           Aquil Arrindell


7.Edinburgh 500 Steel Ensemble     Don’t Stop This Party     Leston               Andre Bolden


  1. New Age Trendsetter         Nani Wine Eddie Ayoung/Austin Lyons          Myles Phillip/Curtis Jones


  1. Pan Angels Signal To Lara                     Austin Lyons                                    Junior Jackman


The competition continues on Sunday 22nd January and Monday 23rd January in the Eastern Region from 3:00 pm.


17th January 2017

Media Release

Nineteen (19) bands affiliated to the Eastern Region will be judged as the National Single Pan Bands Preliminaries reaches its fourth day of competition.

Last year’s joint winners, Marsicans will play at number 10 on Sunday January 22, with Trinidad East Side Symphony performing in the last spot on Monday January 23, at their respective panyards.

First off the starting block on Sunday at 3:00 pm is North Eastern All Stars of Valencia. The band under the baton of Leston Paul. Their tune of choice is “Melosian Rhapsody” composed by Winsford “Joker” Devine and sung by Timothy Watkins aka The Baron.

The judging process will take place over two days with the first twelve (12) bands on Sunday and the rest (seven) on Monday January 23rd.

Listed below is the order that the bands will be adjudicated.

Sunday January 22nd – 3:00 pm

Bands                                                            Selection                                    Composer                                  Arranger

  1. North Eastern All Stars              Melosian Rhapsody                                Winsford Devine                     Leston Paul
  2. Star Sapphire                                Fire Down Below                                     Len Sharpe                              Patrick Moreno

3.East Phonics                                            Teaser                                                   Alston Cyrus                             Gary Raymond

4.Pan Stereonetts                                     Shakin It                                                Ronnie McIntosh                     Anslem Campbell

5.Brazil RX4                                                 Kaka Roach                                        Aldwyn Roberts                       Akil Browne

6.Magic Notes Rebirth                            Tell Me Why                                  Winsford Devine          Rishi Depoosingh/Jerome Jones

7.Pan on the Move                                  Oh God, Oh God                        Edwin Ayoung/W. Devine            Joseph Rivers

  1. Trinidad Nostalgic                           Flag Party                                        Austin Lyons                                Amrit Samaroo

9.Nu Pioneers Pan Groove                     Drive It                                               Edwin Ayoung                          Shaun & Simon Marcano

  1. Marsicans                                       Thunder                                               Kelvin Pope                               Marlon White

11.Arima All Stars S/Orch.                    Get Something & Wave                     Austin Lyons                             Brian Austin

  1. Pan Elites                                          Hammer                                             David Rudder                            Kevin Guishard


Monday 23 January – 6:30 pm

  1. St. Thomas Silver Stars                   Sugar Bum                                       Aldwyn Roberts
  2. T&T Prison Service                 Nah Do Dat Iwer George                         Terrence Sealy
  3. Pan Jammers                                  Different Me                                         Jovan Jones                               Robert Tobitt
  4. Chord Masters
  5. San Juan All Stars                            Johnny                                         Gary Dore/Robin Imanshah               Atiba Joseph
  6. Platinum                                     This Party Is It                                     Christopher Herbert                Natasha Joseph
  7. Trinidad East Side Symphony Pan In Danger                            Dennis Williams Franklyn       Jerod Lett/Sheldon Harewood

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