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Published on December 7th, 2016 | by Robbie Joseph


BAS 18th Annual Awards – Celebrating Excellence!

BAS’s 18th Annual Awards was held on the 3rd December at the Holiday Inn, Bloomsbury, London.  On a cold winter’s evening the atmosphere at the event certainly reflected the warm Caribbean culture that embraces everyone.  BAS proudly boasts its claim to being UK’s only truly national carnival arts association. This is borne out by the attendance of representatives from Bath, Plymouth, Leicester and Newcastle.

Representatives from their member bands I also welcome the bands – Contrast Steel Orchestra, Croydon Steel Orchestra, Ebony Steelband, London All Stars, Nostalgia Steelband, Pan Nation, Rainbow Steelband, Real Steel, St Michael’s & All Angels Steel and Stardust Steel Orchestra were also in attendance. Although only a small percentage of their membership, the event is hosted to celebrate their achievements and successes.

Pepe Francis MBE, Chairman of BAS, spoke about the difficult start the Association had to the year because of a significant reduction in funding. Concerns from the BAS Executive about the association’s ability to effectively engage with young people was addressed and was evident by the people who were celebrated at this year’s awards.  BAS continue to deliver a diverse and exciting programme and their efforts to reach young people is gaining ground. This is in no small part to the efforts of their Youth Engagement Sub Committee (YESC)

YESC Officers:

Donna Munroe (Chair)

Aaron Williams (Vice Chair)

Joelle Gardiner

Marlon Hibbert

Adannae Okeke

Tara Baptiste

Patrick McKay

and the valuable and continuing work of their partners – the Children and Parents Carnival Association, represented by Lee Woolford-Chivers MBE, and the Steel Pan Trust – Shareen Gray, Carlene Etienne and Dan Sadler.

As well as their programme at home, BAS’s work on the international stage continues to diversify. The Association is currently looking at working with partners worldwide to set up the International Association of Steelbands – the FIFA of pan.

BAS and their members operate in challenging times and but continue to deliver an incredible amount of work which is both cutting edge and of the highest professional standard. This is in no small part to the dedication and persistence of their Executive, partners and especially, the member bands who work to tirelessly in their communities promoting the music and culture of pan and the Caribbean.

BAS Executives:

Pepe Francis MBE – Chair

Eversley Mills – Vice Chair

Debi Gardner – Secretary

Robbie Joseph – Public Relations Officer

Patricia Munroe – BAS Regional Representative


On the night birthday gifts were presented to Elma Betancourt, Paul Dowie and Cordelia Johnney. A special Award and a lovely bunch of flowers  were presented to Debi Gardner for her continued efforts. The main event saw 14 awards being presented as follows:

Pan Clash (U25) – Ebow Mensah.

Pan Clash  – David Ijaduola

Classorama (Primary) – Roundwood Park Primary School.

Classorama  – Sir John Cass’s & Red Coat Church of England Secondary School.

Pan Explosion (u25) – Pan Nation Steel Orchestra.

Pan Explosion – Ebony Steelband.

UK Junior Panorama – Ebony Steelband.

Jouvert Bomb Competition – Real Steel.

Best Conventional Steel band  (On The Road)– St Michael’s and All Angels Steel Orchestra

UK National Steel band Panorama – Ebony Steelband.

Crystal Gail Holder Outstanding Achievement Award – Jody Humphries.

Outstanding Achievement Award – Professor Haroun Shah.

Outstanding Achievement Award – Kyron Akal.

BAS Hall of Fame – Lifetime Achievement Award – Mrs Lee Woolford-Chivers MBE.


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BAS took the opportunity to thank their sponsors, funders and supporters for their continued and on-going support,  which included Arif Ali and Ansel Wong from Hansib Publishing,  Carnival Village Trust, London Notting Hill Carnival Trust, Children & Parents Carnival Association, Steel Pan Trust and BAS Members.

Special guest artiste on the evening was Salmon Cupid, better known as the E-Pan Man, supported by the Ebony Steelband. Mike Forbes and Danny D were the DJs on the night belting out their usual catchy numbers that had the attendees dancing.  The event’s MCs were none other than the  the dynamic duo of Joel ‘Tubbs’ Hamilton-Mills and Kayleigh ‘Loudmouth’ Lewis  officiating as the MCs.

Everyone is now looking forward to next year’s BAS 19th Awards.




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