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Published on August 9th, 2017 | by Robbie Joseph


BAS/LNHCET National Steelband Panorama Competition 2017.

Saturday the 26th August 2017 will see Kensal Road off Ladbroke Grove host the UK National Steelband Panorama finals. The event will kick off at 6:00 p.m. with eight of the UK top steel orchestras performing in this musical battle to achieve the coveted title of The UK National Steelband Panorama Champions.

Ensure you reach early and start walking along the ‘Drag’ from Ladbroke Grove along Kensal Road where all the participating steel bands will be practicing for their glorious ten minutes on stage. The atmosphere is electric. It’s a musical river with music flowing from the bands that appear to push the crowds along the way as they drift from band to band. The rumble of the basses is like the river crashing along its meandering way whilst the midrange pan instruments emit melodious tones that sounds like the running water over its rocks and pebbles. The front line’s harmonious tone adds to the musical river’s existence to lead you into a state of musical harmony.

Scales, Chords, Melodies, Harmony, Syncopation, Allegro, Allegretto, Capriccio and Orchestration to name a few. This is what will be the ammunition in this musical war. The players are the soldiers of these musical armies as the come to Kensal Road, the battlefield, and where you will hear a musical explosion of the sweet sounds of steel band music. This is one war where everyone involved is a winner and no one gets hurt.

Hundreds of pan musicians who have practiced hundreds of hours will play thousands of steelpan instruments in the iconic musical battle.

Ebony Steelband Trust will be returning to defend their Champions title


UK National Steel Band Panorama Finalists 2017:

Name of Band Tune of Choice Arranger Composer Manager Captain Tuner
Croydon Steel Orchestra Good Morning Brent ‘Antics’ Holder Peter Ram Paul Dowie Emerline ‘Bacchanal’ Lemmerman
Ebony Steel Band Far from Finish Duvonne Stewart Aaron ‘Voice’ St Louis Albert Faustine/Ashley Bullard Chloe Iyayi Dudley Dickson
Endurance Steel Orchestra Good Morning Marlon Hibbert Peter Ram Marlon Hibbert Aaron Williams Grafton Yearwood and Toussaint Clarke
Impact Steel Orchestra Pan Up There Joseph Boyde Crazy Fareed Siddiqui Dee Phillips Toussaint Clarke
Mangrove Steel Band Full Extreme Andre White Ultimate Rejects Matthew Phillip Andrew Facey Birch Kelman
Metronomes Steel Orchestra Full Extreme Leroy Clarke Ultimate Rejects Eversley ‘Breeze’ Mills Vivian Miller Toussaint Clarke
Phase 1 Steel Orchestra Hold That Pan Stick Stephon Phillip Kyle Noel Beverley Phillip JJ Mattu Victor Phillip
Southside Harmonics Steel Orchestra Rumble in the Jungle Eustace Benjamin Amrit Samaroo Julian Gibbs Julian Gibbs Tony Charles

Ebony Steel Band – Musical Director – Delphina ‘Panness’ James. Pepe Francis is their Director.

Hosted by BAS/LNHCET
Date: 26th August 2017
Time: Starts at 6:00 p.m. – steelbands on the Drag (Kensal Road) from 2:00p.m.
Venue: Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance, Bosworth Road, London W10

Be early to witness the greatest steelband show in the UK and to date it is still a free event but watch this space.

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