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Published on April 9th, 2013 | by Robbie Joseph


Jamani launches his new album & music Video 2013

Jamani  Stewart was introduced to the Steelpans  by his dad “Jamma” at the tender age of   5, at 7 years  of age he started doing public performances, and has never look back. His playing skills has taken him to many parts of the UK, the Channel Islands, Africa, the Caribbean to mention a few places performing for weddings, birthday parties, festivals and  carnivals .

At  12 years old Jamani recorded his first  EP Party With Jamani” this was released on his 13th Birthday,  this recording was very popular  and got worldwide reviews,  many people were very impressed with the selection of music Jamani had recorded,  bringing the Steelpan as an instrument to  a younger and different  audience and also away from the traditional Calypso genre that the Steelpans are commonly associated with.

Since leaving school Jamani has visited many educational establishments and schools doing workshops, and teaching other young people  how to play the Steelpans. Jamani also has a deep passion for Rapping and has married the two skills  together to create a new brand of Caribbean Hip Hop for his original composition called “Real Thoughts”. His performance went down a storm .

He also performed with “Curepe Sherzando” , playing alongside 90 other  players  was a  great experience practicing  and  performing with such a large orchestra, he thoughly enjoyed the discipline and hard work that went into the rehearsal and practicing in the late night was a real buzz. He manage to play in all rounds of the Panorama from Prelims, Semi finals and Finals and had a great time playing at Jouvert, having so much fun with this band of friendly people.

What  made the experience more exciting and memorable was the fact the band was playing a composition by his dad  “Jamma” and the Original Defosto, who has  become a great friend, and has given him a lot of advise about his musical career  since they met in 2012.  Yohan Popwell had put down a beautiful arrangement of the song. Jamani  was  also please to know  Trinidad was celebrating it’s 50th anniversary of the national Panorama competition, and this tune “We come out to play”  was played by quite a few bands in the Panorama which gave him a real  proud feeling to know he was part of this alongside his father.

Jamani  also did solo performances  and was on national radio stations amazing  a lot of the local people  with his solo playing and improvisation skills, and the fact  that at 18 years of age he  is one of the youngest Steelpan player in the world to have put out his own album.

Jamani feels  after seeing the set up of the Steelbands in Trinidad and how they help to keep people in the community focused and working together, he would very much like the  opportunity to set up his own business where he can share his  musical  talents with many other young people in the community, to help motivate them and help them to get gigs, giving them a chance to travel and meet different people, he feels that with the right kind of support he could be a  great role model in the community, visiting schools, community centres, prisons, hospitals, etc showing young people that the pans can also play modern chart music as well as jazz classical , calypso and reggae.


Please click on link below to  take a look at Jamani’s  radio interview and performance in Trinidad Carnival 


Please click on link below to  take a look at Jamani’s Music Video shot in Trinidad & Tobago


You  can also hear a sample  of his album on the following link.


If you would like to book jamani or  order Next Chapter with Jamani on Steelpans  please contact us

email heartsaglowrecords@hotmail.co.uk   or go to www,jammasteelpan.net  or call 07799 442277

You can also follow Jamni on Twitter  @JMARZNTINYAN

Jamani has many videos on You tube with  his rapping group search Jmarzn Tinyan on you tube and you will can catch him in action rapping.

Hearts Aglow Records, PO BOX 115/15, Birmingham B42 2YH.

Tel: 0121 3584525 / Mobile: 077994 42277 / Web: www.jammasteelpan.net



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