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Published on September 26th, 2016 | by Robbie Joseph


Jody Humphries – my musical quest drives my passion for the steelpan!

Meet Jody Humphries who started playing steelpan in 2006. He started on the guitar pan and then moved to the tenor in that same year with Croydon Steel Orchestra and has been playing since then.  Jody has been a member of Croydon Steel Orchestra since 2009.

Jody musically arranged Croydon Steel Orchestra’s rendition of  ‘Ah Feeling’ by Lead Pipe & Saddis with Temitayo Ken-Afolabi for the UK National Junior Panorama 2015 where they placing third. He continued with Temitayo Ken-Afolabi to arrange Croydon’s 2016 UK National Junior Panorama tune, ‘Cheers to Life’ by Voice attaining a very well deserved third place.

His musical prowess sees no bounds as he has also done some of Croydon’s gig tunes, ‘Sorry’ by Justin Bieber, ‘My House’ by Farmer Nappy and other tunes with Temitayo Ken-Afolabi.

Since 2012 Jody has been leading and working with other pannists to deliver summer steelpan workshops for children aged 8 and over. He leads a weekly junior band comprising of children aged 7 and over during the 2015-2016 term time. Jody currently teaches the art of playing the steelpan at a couple Primary Schools in South London. He also assists Leanne Finch-Tanner in teaching the Adult Steel Band.

He regularly performs with the Croydon Steel Orchestra on numerous occasions at gigs and other performances (including weddings, parties, carnivals, festivals etc).

Jody’s dexterity with the steelpan has seen him perform at the UK National Junior Panorama Competition in 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015 and 2016 playing the tenor, four-pan cello and double tenor. His musical quest has seen this young and talented pan musician perform at the UK National Panorama competition from 2009-2016 as a tenor player until 2015 and double tenor in 2016.

He travelled to the mecca of Steelpan, Trinidad and Tobago, where he played with the Caribbean Airlines Invaders Steel Orchestra in the 2015 at the Trinidad and Tobago National Steelband Panorama Competition. During that same year Jody performed as a tenor player at the British Association of Steel bands’ 2015 Pan Explosion competition with he Croydon Steel Orchestra.

Jody is the captain of the Croydon Steel Orchestra since 2014. His musical thirst sees him arranging other genres of music on the steelpan, in addition to soca. He does solo performances at Croydon Steel Orchestra’s annual events and composed his AS Level music piece for the steelpan. Jody has also received the Jack Petchy Award in 2012.

Pan Podium congratulates this young, talented and aspiring steelpan musician for his achievements to date and for the musical thirst that will see him continue to achieve and take the steelpan culture far into the future.

If you would like to contact Jody please email him at:  Email: jodyhere@hotmail.com.

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