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Published on October 25th, 2015 | by Liam Teague


Liam Teague’s ‘Panoramic’ set to caused waves at T&T Panorama 2016.

The song ‘Panoramic’ was composed and written by Liam Teague

LiamTeague  portrait


Hailed as the “Paganini of the Steelpan”, Liam Teague currently serves as the Head of Steelpan Studies and Associate Professor of Music at Northern Illinois University. Along with Clifford Alexis, he co-directs the NIU Steelband.

He has received many awards in his homeland of Trinidad and Tobago, including the Humming Bird Award (Silver) for “loyal and devoted service”, the Ansa McAl Caribbean Awards for Excellence, and won of a number of notable competitions such as the Trinidad and Tobago National Steelband Festival Solo Championship and the Saint Louis Symphony Volunteers Association Young Artiste Competition.

His commitment to demonstrating the great musical possibilities of the steelpan has taken Teague to Europe, Asia, and Australia, as well as North and Central America and the Caribbean.

He has performed with many diverse ensembles, including: National Symphony Orchestra, Taiwan National Symphony, Czech National Symphony, Saint Louis Symphony, Panama National Symphony, Chicago Sinfonietta, Vermeer String Quartet, Avalon String Quartet, Dartmouth Wind Ensemble, University of Wisconsin-Madison Marching Band, Nexus, TCL Group Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra, BPtt Renegades Steelband, Starlift Steel Orchestra, and the PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars Steel Orchestra.

Teague has collaborated with such prominent musicians as Paquito D’Rivera, Dave Samuels, Zakir Hussain, Evelyn Glennie and Robert Chappell.

As a performer and clinician, Teague has given presentations at several Percussive Arts Society International Conventions (PASIC) and at many educational institutions throughout the world.

He is steelband director at Birch Creek Music Performance Center in Door County, Wisconsin, and he has also taught and performed at the California State University Summer Arts Camp and at the Interlochen Academy for the Performing Arts.

A strong advocate for original steelpan compositions, Teague has collaborated with, and commissioned a number of significant composers to write for the instrument, including Michael Colgrass, Jan Bach, Libby Larsen, Andy Akiho, Deborah Fisher Teason, Joey Sellers, Ben Wahlund, Erik Ross, Kevin Bobo and David Gordon.

Many of his compositions and arrangements are published with Maumau Music, PanPress and Ramajay Music.

Teague has served as musical arranger of the TCL Group Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra, Starlift Steel Orchestra, for Panorama, the most prestigious steelband competition in the world.  He is now the arranger for PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars Steel Orchestra.

To date, Teague has recorded eight compact discs, including Hands Like Lightning (1993), For Lack of Better Words (2002), Panoramic: Rhythm Through an Unobstructed View (2005) and Open Window (2010).


Sekon Sta (Nestor Boxhill) – the singer

Picture 4 No BG


With 2015 making it 15 years of devotion to the culture of Trinidad and Tobago, Nesta Boxill also known as Sekon Sta, has become one of the most promising and multidimensional talents in the Soca Fraternity, boasting great contributions as a writer, performer and recording artist. Son to the deceased veteran artiste, Dennis Franklyn Williams; “Merchant”, Sekon Sta not only has the dedication to the arts but a greater appreciation for the culture, having had a front seat to its inner workings from a very young age.

2014 has arguably been his break-through year in terms of widespread recognition. Following on from his Crop Over 2014 hit on the June Bomb Riddim entitled “Put in that Work,” his momentum continued into the T&T pre-Carnival 2015 season with him performing on the mega hit Kan Kan Riddim, No Stress Riddim, Bitter Riddim, Puppet String Riddim and producing his single, “Maximum.”Sekon Sta remains a integral member of AdvoKit Productions, the creators of the Kan Kan Riddim and it is only fitting that his track on the riddim, entitled “The Best” has seen him become a significant player in the soca offerings for 2015. One of Sekon Sta’s greatest characteristics is his ability to tailor his performance to the crowd. This is a major reason that he was awarded the Carib Breakout Artiste of the Year 2015. The audience can easily resonate with him and quickly become his fans.  It is in turn, these fans that energize him, to continue learning and growing to become an even greater positive influence with each song.


Adrian Jaikaran arranged and composed the tune. 


Adrian Jaikaran is a renowned international steelpan soloist who has performed extensively in Europe and the Caribbean. Jaikaran is dedicated to steelpan education and frequently conducts master classes, particularly in the United Kingdom. In addition, his career encompasses a number of creative and entrepreneurial ventures, including the management of his CrossFade Production Studio.


The lyrics of  – “PANORAMIC”

Verse 1

From de first time dat I play ah Pan

Ah knew dat dis was going tuh be my mission

Touch de world with ah unique sound

Born from de blood and de sweat

Of de pioneers

It was not easy back den

Respect was not paid to dem

But sent from above, and forged from the love

Trinbago was blessed with this magic drum

Chorus 1

Men like Neville, Rudolph, Tony, Bertie, Ellie

Innovated for all ah we

Jit Samaroo, Holman, Boogsie and Clive Bradley

Panoramic visionaries

Invaded by ah renegade sound

De whole world had to bow

Come on breddah man, show yuh understand

Give thanks for de pan and panman

Respect de genius dat is all we own 

Verse 2

Sky is de limit please understand

Old talk and mamaguy eh go get it done

Teach de youths to appreciate

Comprehend, de history, of de steelbandmen

To ignore dem is not just

Dey sacrifice way too much

Come on Trinis, is for all ah we

Support  pan music, ah beg yuh please

Chorus 2

Men like Bobby Mohommed, Greenidge, and Philmore,

Steelpan giants forever more

Hadeed, Cliff Alexis, Two Left, and Earl Rodney

Panoramic  Visionaries

Invaded by ah renegade sound

De whole world had to bow

Come on breddah man, show yuh understand

Give thanks for de pan and  panman,

Respect de brilliance dat was born at home

Verse 3

National instrument so dey say

Ah want tuh hear pan music on de airwaves

Equal opportunity now

Stop with de talk, walk de walk, and give we we songs

De music of the steelpan

Deserve more recognition

Mr. Dj, Please look for ah way

And play we pan music all de year round

Chorus 3

Corbeaux Jack, Spree Simon, Hugh Borde and Beverly

Great icons of  pan history

Junior/ Edwin Pouchet , Goddard, and Othello

These are names we all have to know

There are many more I could mention

And their contributions

Come on breddah man, show yuh understand

Give thanks for de pan and  panman

Respect  de brilliance  dat was born at home


You can listen to the tune on You Tube by visiting the following link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj9r2sKax94&spfreload=10

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