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Published on January 28th, 2017 | by Angela Fox


National Panorama Single Pan Bands Finals 2017

For the first time in a number of years, the National Panorama Single Pan Bands Finals will be held as a separate event.

Come Sunday January 29th, the sounds of steel from the (“pan round de neck/traditional bands”) will resound at the Arima Basketball Court, Arima, as twenty one (21) steelbands will vie for bragging rights, the Pan Trinbago Challenge Trophy and prize monies. Competition starts at 4:00 pm. Admission is $100. anywhere.

In 2017, bands proceeded from the Preliminary Round to the Finals with Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony scoring 278.5 points. They topped the Preliminary round, followed by San Juan All Stars (276.5) and Woodbrook Modernaires (275.5) points.

After eight (8) intense days of steelpan music from fifty two (52) bands in the four (4) zones, the qualifiers were announced at Port of Spain City Hall on Friday before the bands’ representatives.

Adjudicators in this category are: Tommy Crichlow, Rojelle Granger-Morton, Vorbin Cordice, Audley Timothy, Brendon Moore and Mark Brewester.

Bands will be judged on the basis of Arrangement (40), General Performance (40), Tone (10) and Rhythm (10) points.

Single Pan Steelbands are permitted to perform with 20 players in the Qualifying Round with a maximum of 30 players for the Finals.

For the purpose of the competition, each participating Single Pan band may select and perform any calypso/soca or chutney providing that the selection has not been played by the said steelbvand at a previous Panorama competition with a performance time of six (6) minutes.

Both defending champions, Marsicans and Trinidad East Side Symphony, placed seventh with 273.0 points and as such will defend their title.

The following is order of appearance:

  1. T&T Defence                 Force Ethel                                      Terrence BJ Marcelle
  2. Marsicans                      Thunder                                           Marcelle Marlon White
  1. T&T Defence Force    Get Something & Wave                   Kion Robinson
  1. Stardust                         Tourist Elsie                                     Simeon Superville
  1. La Famille United       Pan By Storm                                    Jason “Peanuts Isaac
  1. Pan Jammers               Different Me                                      Robert Tobitt
  1. Trinidad East Side Symphony Pan In Danger                   Jerod Lett/Sheldon Harewood
  1. Shades in Steel            Showdown(Band Meets Band)      Dante Panti
  1. Woodbrook Modernaires   Jump On the Count of 4         Ankoma “Bobby” Paul
  1. La Creole Pan Groove    This Melody Sweet                       Jamal Mec Meb Gibbs
  1. Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony Get Something & Wave   Carlan Harewood
  1. Brimblers                              War                                             Kevin “Bones” Holder
  1. Nu Pioneers Pan Groove    Drive It                                       Shaun & Simon Marcano
  1. Trinidad Nostalgic              Flag Party                                   Amrit Samaroo
  1. Highlighters                          Fete                                             Jason Farell
  1. St James Tripolians             Fire Down Below                     Dereck Boucaud
  1. Woodbrook Playboyz           Total Disorder                         Michelle Huggins-Watts
  1. San Juan All Stars                 Johnny                                     Atiba Joseph
  1. Brazil RX4                               Kaka Roach                            Akil Brown
  1. T&T Prison Service               Nah Do Dat                             Terrence Sealy
  1. Uni Stars                                 Magic Drum                            Kareem Brown


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