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Published on January 21st, 2015 | by Angela Fox


National Panorama Single Pan Bands Preliminaries Results

T&T Fire Services and San Juan East Side Symphony topped the National Panorama Single Pan Bands Preliminaries with 269 points.

The latter is the defending champion.

T&T Fire Services played the Aldwyn Roberts’ composition “Fever” arranged by Terrance BJ Marcelle with San Juan East Side Symphony under the baton of Duvone Stewart played Ronnie Mc Intosh’s “Shaking It”.

Third placing was T&T Defence Force with 268 points for their rendition of Christopher Herbert’s “This Party Is It”. Their piece was arranged by Sheldon Peters and Kion Robinson.

There were several two, three and four-way ties among the qualifiers. At the end of the exercise, thirty three (33) bands made it to the Semi Finals which is carded for the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on Saturday January 31st 2015.  Small Bands will also have their semi final round on the same day. Starting time is 12 noon.  Admission is $100. Grand Stand only.

A total of seventy (70) Single Pan Bands performed their tune of choice before the panel of judges over a period of four (4) days at zonal venues in Trinidad & Tobago.


Three Tobago based bands are in the running ie Hope Pan Groovers, New Vision, and Metro Stars.

Representatives of each of the participating bands were invited to witness the opening of the score sheets earlier today at City Hall Auditorium, Port of Spain.


The following is the list of the semi-finalists:-




1          T&T Fire Services                           Fever                                                 269

1.         San Juan East Side Symphony    Shaking It                                         269

3.         Marsicans                                         Long Time                                        268

4          T&T Defence Force                                    This Party Is It                                 267

5.         Nu Pioneers Pan Groove              Pan In A Rage                                 266

5.         Scorpion Pan Reflections              Long Time                                        266

7.         Hope Pan Groovers                                   Nah Do Dat                                      265

7.         Tiger Tanks Fyzabad 4th Dimension  Ooh La La                                         265

9.         Pan Jammers                                               Chutney Bacchanal                                    264

10.       Shades in Steel                                Ah Want It                                       261

11.       Trinidad Nostalgic                          Ooh La La                                         259

11.       Gonzales Sheikers                          Too Real                                            259

11.       La Creole Pan Groove                   Unknown Band                                259

14.       Trinidad East Side Symphony      Fire Coming Down                         258

15.       Brimblers                                          Toco Band                                         257

16        Carib Woodbrook Playboyz         Ola                                                     255

16.       New Vision                                       Ben Lion                                            255

16        City Sun Valley                               All Night Tonight                             255

16        D’Original W/brook Modernaires           Yes Darling                                     255

20.       Pan Elites                                          Free Up                                             254

20.       Uni Stars                                           Rain Melody                                     254

20.       Chord Masters                                No Wuk For Carnival                     254

20        Scrunters Pan Groove                   Symptoms                                        254

24.       Self Help Marines                           Rainorama                                       253

24        Cocorite Road Pan Groovers       Ah Going And Party Tonight        253

26.       La Famille United                           Unknown Band                                250

26        Blanca 47                                           Pan In Danger                                 250

26.       St. James Tripolians                                   Wet Me                                             250

29.       Metro Stars                                      Showtime                                          249

29        Rio Claro Koskeros                                    Doh Back Back                                 249

29.       Pan on the Move                             Ah Feeling                                        249

32.       King’s Row Retro Riddum             Wine On Something                                  248

32.       Curepe Polyphonics                                   Sweet Pan                                         248



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