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National Steelband Panorama 2014 Medium & Large Bands Finalists

Eleven (11) Large Conventional Bands have qualified for the National Panorama Medium & Large Finals at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on Saturday 01st March, 2014

Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars playing the Telemaque/Hendrickson composition “Excitement” amassed 274 points to Republic Bank Exodus’ 271 points for their arrangement of “Pan Is Carnival”.  Sharing third berth were three bands, WITCO Desperadoes, Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove and bp Renegades, with an aggregate of 263 points each.

Adjudicators in this category were Lambert Phillip, Stephanie Power, Roger Saldinha, Lennox London, Jeanette Johnson and Andy Chichester.

The results which were released a little after 11:00 pm last night are as follows;-

1.Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars                                          Excitement                                                                    274

2.Republic Bank Exodus                                                              Pan Is Carnival                                                             271

3.WITCO Desperadoes                                                               Spankin                                                                          263

3.Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove                                              Jump High                                                                      263

3. Bp Renegades                                                                           In De Minor                                                                   263

6. CAL Invaders                                                                               Jam It                                                                              262

7. PCS Nitrogen  Silver Stars                                                      The Reason                                                                   257

8.  Skiffle                                                                          The Wedding (Shaadi)                                              255

9.   NLCB Fonclaire                                                                        Big In De Dance                                                           254

10.  T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps                                              In De Minor                                                                  253

10.  NGC La Brea Nightingales                                                  Pan In The Atmosphere                                            253

Out of a total of fourteen (14) Medium Bands, ten (10) passed the judges’ muster to earn a play in the Finals. Judges in this category are: Joanne Ragbir, Richard Pierre, Junior Howell, Joslynne Sealey, Sherry Ann Saunders and Marceline Peters.  The Finalist are :-

  1. Pan Elders                                                                                   All Ah We Is One Family                                          278
  2. NLCB Buccooneers                                                                    Madness                                                                        272
  3. Petrotrin Katzenjammers                                                       Spankin                                                                          270
  4. Valley Harps                                                                               Happiest  Man Alive                                                  269

NGC Steel Xplosion                                                                   Dust In Dey Face                                                         269

6       NGC     Couva Joylanders                                                        Free Up                                                                           267

7       Arima Angel Harps                                                                   In De Minor                                                                   264

8       Carib Dixieland                                                                           Dis Is It                                                                            263

9       Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille                               Poison                                                                             262

10    Melodians                                                                                   The Hammer                                                                259


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