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Published on February 6th, 2015 | by Robbie Joseph


PAN IN ECSTASY ‘Smooth’ vs ‘Boogsie’

THE GREATEST Show on Earth begins in two weeks in the mecca of the steelband, Trinidad and Tobago.  Can Len “Boogsie” Sharpe record his first three-peat in the 2015 National Large Band category come Carnival Saturday night,in the “Big Yard”, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain?  In the semi-finals, Massy Trinidad All Stars of Duke Street, Port of Spain played “Unquestionable” arranged by Leon “Smooth” Edwards. The band scored 270.5 points to move ahead by two points from defending Panorama champions Petrotrin Phase 11 Pan Groove.  All Stars is a class act and must be reckoned in the finals. The band has a beautiful roll of the tenors.  Petrotrin Phase 11 Pan Groove of Hamilton Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain played “Happiness” arranged by Sharpe and scored 268 points. “Boogsie” has a plan for the finals and only finished his song 2 a.m. on Sunday morning.  “Boogsie” said: “I want the three-peat bad, it miss me twice, but this year I taking it.”

Going after a double is Duvonne Stewart who arranged for Renegades of Charlotte Street, Port of Spain. The band played “Jam Dem Hard” and scored 267 points. Renegades is the dark horse in the race.  Republic Bank Exodus of Eastern Main Road, St Augustine, Port of Spain, played “D Puma Band”  arranged by Pelham Goddard. The band gave another spirited performance especially at the ending of the song. Nice song Pelham.  RBC Redemption Sound Setters of Montgomery Road, Bethel played “Pan On The Road” arranged by Micheal Toby. The band scored 253 points and will not play in the finals. Speaking to former arranger Winston Gordon on stage, he said: “The band is experimenting with youth.”  Twenty-one bands will go to the finals on February 14, which is Valentine’s Day and unofficially dubbed “Pan Lovers Night”. Pan Trinbago are planning giveaways of wine and roses to patrons in the Grand Stand and at some bars in the North Stand.  Pan Elders of Carib Street, San Fernando, winners of last year’s National Panorama Medium Band played “Party Time” arranged by Stewart and scored 278 points beating NLCB Buccooneers into second place again.

Great performance from the south band. Stewart has the bass and frontline playing together. Another great piece of arrangement in the last change key.  NLCB Buccooneers of Chance Street, Buccoo played “Rainorama” arranged by Seion Gomez which was an excellent choice on the day due to the rain and drizzle. The band scored 274 points.  Four points away and Gomez will catch-up he said, “I am waiting on the finals, I have something special this year, for the north and grand stands. I will shock everyone.”  NGC Steel Xplosion and Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille tied for third with 270 points.  Steel Xplosion of Carnbee Road, Carnbee played “Du Du Yemi” arranged by Arddin Herbert, who has a great influence with the players. The band had a powerful start but lost its rhythm at the end of the introduction picking up in the verse and chorus. Precise timing from the players at the end of the song.  Sound Specialists of Eastern Quarry, Laventille played Ken Philmore’s arrangement of “Nah Do Dat” and from the introduction, pan lovers knew the band meant business. Sound Specialists sounds like the “big threat’ in the finals.

Placing fifth was NGC Couva Joylanders of Railway Road, Couva played “Feeling It” arranged by Kareem Brown and scored 269 points. Fast start from the band in the introduction but as the players felt it, the music started to flow. Nice arrangement Brown.  Petrotrin Katzenjammers of Black Rock, Tobago played “Say Say” arranged by Leon “Foster” Thomas. The band scored 267 points. Some of the Katzenjammers players said they felt they played a bit too early because of the rain. The band started too slow and needs more practice if the players are to make up the points in the finals. Best of luck Thomas in placing higher than sixth.  Except for a heavy downpour, the north and grand stands were packed while the The Northern Greens was the “in thing” with thousands of party lovers enjoying themselves in the rain.



  1. Massy Trinidad All Stars – ‘Unquestionable’ – 270.5 2.
  2. Petrotrin Phase 11 Pan Groove – ‘Happiness’ – 268
  3. BpRenegades – ‘Jam Dem Hard’ – 267 4
  4. Republic Bank Exodus – ‘De Puna Band’ -265
  5. NLCB Fonclaire – ‘Fifty Plus’ – 264
  6. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps – ‘Pan For Beethoven’ – 263
  7. PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars – ‘Edwin’s Legacy’ –  263
  8. Caribbean Airlines Invaders – ‘This Melody Sweet’ – 262
  9. Skiffle –  ‘Celebration’ – 260

10. WITCO Desperadoes – ‘Pan Hooray’ –  259





1.Pan Elders – ‘Party Time Again’ – 278

2.NLCB Buccooneers – ‘Rainorama’ – 274

3.NGC Steel Xplosion – ‘Du Du Yemi’ – 270  3.

4.Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille – ‘Nah Do Dat’  – 270

5.NGC Couva Joylanders – ‘Feeling It’ – 269

6.Petrotrin Katzenjammers – ‘Say Say’ – 267

7.Melodians – ‘Don’t Stop This Party’ – 266

8.Curepe Scherzando – ‘Bassman’ – 264

9.Arima Angel Harps – ‘Toco Band’ – 260

10.  Western Stars Philharmonics – ‘This Melody Sweet’ – 259

10. Valley Harps – ‘Outta De Box’ – 259



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