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Published on December 17th, 2016 | by Aoife Mccarthy


Pan Nation’s Winter Concert 2016

The annual event held by Pan Nation took place this year on the 10th December at Gladesmore Secondary School, South Tottenham. In contrast to the wet and windy elements, the welcoming, warm and wonderful vibes of the event meant that no one wanted to go home. So much so that there were complaints at the end of the night when people were asked to leave.

There was a Snapchat filter that could be used by anyone who had the location turned on, on their phone. This allowed the member of the audience to get involved in the concert. It was a nice touch that was a little different. The filter had the same theme as the flyers which was designed by Ewa, a member of the band. It makes for a good keepsake of the night.

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As you walked into the school you were welcomed by smiles and festive cheer. There were stalls at the entrance, selling food and drink and raffle tickets. The smells sights and sounds of the place were intoxicating. You had all the food you could have asked for and more. There was a constant hum of noise as people chatted with each other. Members of Pan Nation mulled around conversing with everyone who entered. The friendly atmosphere provided by the band was a standout feature of the night.

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You then walked through to the main hall. This was where there were hundreds of seats and the stage. The pans were set up, some on the stage and some on the floor. They had also put up fairy lights as decoration. This gave the room a cosy feel, which was impressive considering the size of it! The low lighting also placed all the attention onto the band and the pans seemed to sparkle, giving it a magical feel. The place soon began to fill up and in the end, there were even people standing in the back.

The first band to play were the beginners band. They got up on stage and proved that a beginners band doesn’t have to mean playing simple songs. They held their own and gave a great performance. The crowd loved them and this was shown by the enthusiastic applause given after they finished playing

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The next band to play was the intermediate band. They raised the standard of the performance; complexity of the music and technique. Their jam was the stand out section of their performance. The intermediate band defiantly lived up to their name.

The break led to a stampede towards the food, cooked by the lovely Sandra. The excitement was evident. The place was buzzing. The queue for everything was long but in the end worth it. It wasn’t long before Pan Nation’s manager, Chris Storey, was calling everyone back to their seats. It was time for the raffle! There were lots of prizes that ranged from a hamper, donated by the wonderful Hamper Queen, to a Nation hoodie, evidently the most coveted prize of all!

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After the raffle was over and all the prizes won, it was time for the main band to play. They all looked elegant in their smart wear. They performed two amazing sets one after the other. Although it was a long time to play continuously the vibes seemed only to grow. They had arrangements not only by Chris but also by other members of the band. There were audience members dancing in the aisles and a sort of conga line formed. People sung along to their favourite tunes and enjoyed a boogie to the ones they were less familiar with. They ended and the audience wanted an encore, so an encore is what they got. Everyone was up and out of their chairs dancing, letting themselves be surrounded by the music.

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However, that was not the end of the evening. There was a short break as the chairs were pushed aside. Then, as per usual when there are empty pans set up, panists who were attending the event jumped up on stage to show what they could do. They serenaded the audience with a Christmas song which added to the festivities, giving time for the DJ to set up. The night ended with lots of dancing and merriment, which had as much to do with the rum punch as it did with the music!

All in all, Pan Nation held an amazing winter concert. They provided an evening of entertainment and hopefully it will be continued for all to enjoy.


Instagram: @pan_nation
Twitter: @pan_nationuk
Youtube: Pan Nation Steel Orchestra


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