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Published on January 13th, 2016 | by Robbie Joseph


Pan Trinbago North Small and Medium Conventional Steelbands Panorama Prelims

Fifteen (15) Small and nine (9) Medium Conventional Bands will take centre stage as the bands in the Northern Region vie for places in the National Panorama Semi Finals.

The preliminary round takes place at the Paddock, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on Saturday 16th January 2016.  Starting time is 6:00pm. Admission is $75.

Six (6) adjudicators will officiate at the event.

In the Small band category, Highlanders will start the competition. They have chosen “Ding Ding” composed and sung by Austin “Superblue” Lyons while Xpress 21 will open the Medium category with the  arrangement of   Simeon Superville’s “Guitar Pan”.

The order of appearance is as follows:-


1.Highlanders                                            Ding Ding                                      Austin Lyons                                            Kareem Brown

2. West Stars                           Pan In Yuh Rookungutungkung           Kelvin Pope                                              Lincoln Waldron

3 Musical Gems                       Pan On The Street                                       Aldwyn Roberts                                       Renrick Lewis

4.Blue Diamonds                                      Soca Pan Tuner                           Winsford Devine                                   Kwesi Paul

5.Crescendoes Musical                          Free Up                                        Christopher Herbert                              Curtis Edwards

6. Humming Birds Pan Groove            Red Light District                        Ian Alvarez                                         Murchison Jules

7. Trinidad &Tobago Music Stars       Ah Feeling                                    Lead Pipe & Saddis                            Mugabe Pierre

8. Musical Harps Pan Groove              Legacy                                           Kernal Roberts                                       Dale Mc Donald

9. Pandemonium                                      My Band                                       Jason Bishop                                            Akua Leith

10 Merrytones                                          Nostalgia                                      C. Harewood/G. Ballantyne                Eric Allister

11 Laventille Serenaders                       Pan Jumbie                                   Genelle Bharat                                       Arddin Herbert     

12. Cocorite West Winds S/Orch      Tourist Leggo                                Emmanuel Mc Lean                            Edward Wade

13. Casablanca                                          Big Mama                                    Michael Gabriel                                         Michael Gabriel

14. Harvard Harps                                   Shakin It                                        Russell Cadogan                                   Douglas “Dougie” Redon

15. Roadblock                                            Madness                                       David Rudder                                            Lyndon Spencer




1. Xpress 21                                               Guitar Pan                                   Aldwyn Roberts                                         Simeon Superville

2. Belmont Fifth Dimension               Long Time                                        Alphonsus Cassell                            Clive Telemaque

3.Panatics                                                    Pan Rocket Man                        Ray Holman                                             Reynold “Pro” Huggins

4. Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille  The Ganges & The Nile       David Rudder                              Ken “Professor” Philmore

5. Margaret Superstars                              Ben Lion                                         Andre Tanker                                   Shenelle Abraham

6. Valley Harps S/Orch.                              Get Up and Dance                       Lennox Picou                                 Michelle Huggins-Watts

7. Stars                                                           Earthquake                                    Aldwyn Roberts                                   Atiba Joseph

8. Tokyo                                                       Long Time                                     Alphonsus Cassell                                 Barry Mannette

9. Western Stars Philharmonics         Unforgettable                             Kerwin DuBois                                  Len Boogsie Sharpe

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