Panpodium Team

Pepe Francis – Chairman of British Association of Steelbands

Pepe Francis is a long-standing steel pan lover. His love for the instrument started over fifty years ago and his steadfast dedication has been rewarded as the awareness of the instrument grows from strength to strength. He is an integral part of the UK steel-band community and current Chairman of the British Association of Steelband’s (BAS)


Debi Gardner – UK Events and news Co-ordinator

Debi has been described as ‘The Backbone’ of BAS. Heavily involved in the art-form since a young age, She is an accomplished pan player and an amazing event organizer. Without her continuous input and support the UK steel band community would not be where it is today.


Robbie Joseph – Editor

Pan Podium was pioneered by Robbie Joseph to be the ‘Media Machine’ for BAS in the summer of 2000. Starting out as a small publication, interest and support quickly grew from the loyal steel pan players of the UK, which then opened doors of communication with similar organizations across the world. He has managed to not only run a successful publication for over a decade, maintain his position as public relations officer within BAS but he is also the chairman for the UK Pan Tuners Guild.


Kevin Joseph – Photographer and Business Manager

Kevin has been involved with Pan Podium from the very start. Initially brought in for his photographic skills, Kevin manages the BAS catalogue of images, which go back as far back as 1998. As business manager he is now heavily involved in the logistics of ensuring the longevity and growth for Pan Podium.


Jean-Pierre Poteon – Designer

An incredible asset to the Pan Podium team, Jean-Pierre has only been working on the Pan Podium Project for the last three years but the impact he has had on the direction and drive of the project has been inspirational. He allows his creativity and ingenuity room to breathe in his designs for the magazine, which is appreciated by all who read it.


Michael Josiah – Website Designer

Another long-standing member of the Pan Podium team, Michael has been our web developer since the first website. His technical expertise is second to none and he lends a helping hand with the Pan Podium project alongside his full time corporate web banking clientele.


Pan Podium is directly supported by:


British Association of Steelbands

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And published by:

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