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Published on February 13th, 2015 | by Angela Fox


Petrotrin National Single Pan Band Finals Results

San Juan East Side Symphony has retained its title as the Petrotrin National Single Pan Band Champion for the fifth consecutive year.

The San Juan based steelband maintained its lead through the various stages of the competition to romp away with $200,000. and the Pan Trinbago ChallengeTrophy which incidentally they will keep as they have won the title on three successive occasions.

Playing the Duvone Stewart arrangement of Ronnie Mc Intosh’s “Shakin It”, the band amassed 286 points, five more than their closest rivals, Trinidad East Side Symphony and Marsicans (tied).

The Grand Finals saw a combined total of twenty nine (29steel bands at Skinner Park, San Fernando, in a marathon session which ended in wee hours of the morning.

Adjudicators in the Single Pan Band category were Kenrick Noel, Vorbin Cordice, Tommy Critchlow, Joanna Shortt, Bernadette Roberts and Hugh Borde.

The second category saw the current champions, Super Novas, being dethroned by Arima Golden Symphony.

The Arima band captured the top berth with their rendition of “Ah Feeling” arranged by Terrance BJ Marcelle with 283 points while Super Novas settled for second place with 280 points with “Dr. Samaroo” arranged by Amrit Samaroo.

Joslynne Sealey, Lorna Conyette, Sherry-Ann Saunders, Lennox London, Junior Howell and Audley Timothy officiated at the Small Conventional Bands.

This year Pan Trinbago celebrated the pannists with the theme “Pan In Ecstasy……Reaching for the Stars”.


The results are as follows:-


Single Pan

1 San Juan east Side Symphony                                                       Shakin It                                                                  286

2.Trinidad East Side Symphony                                                       Fire Coming Down                                                281

2. Marsicans                                                                                          Long Time                                                               281

4. T&T Fire Service                                                                                    Fever                                                                    280

5. Scorpion Pan Reflections                                                               Long Time                                                              279

6. Gonzales Sheikers                                                                              Too Real                                                               275

6.Chord Masters                                                                                       No Wuk For Carnival                                       275

8. Trinidad Nostalgic                                                                              Ooh La La                                                           274

8. Shades In Steel                                                                                     Ah Want It                                                          274

10. T&T Defence Force                                                                          This Party Is It                                                     272

11 La Famille United                                                                              Unknown Band                                                   269

11 Pan Jammers                                                                                        Chutney Bacchanal                                           269

11 Scrunters Pan Groove                                                                     Symptoms                                                                  269

14 La Creole Pan Groove                                                                     Unknown Band                                                       268

15. Curepe Polyphonics                                                                                         Sweet Pan                                                267

16 Uni Stars                                                                                                  Rain Melody                                                       266

16  Hope Pan Groovers                                                                         Nah Do Dat                                                              266

16  City Sun Valley                                                                                    All Night Tonight                                                 266

16 New Vision                                                                                             Ben Lion                                                                 266


Small Conventional Bands:


1 Arima Golden Symphony                                                                 Ah Feeling                                                                  283

2 Super Novas                                                                                        Dr. Samaroo                                                               280

3. Crescendoes Musical                                                                        The Hammer                                                            271

4. Laventille Serenaders                                                                     Chords                                                                          270

5. Golden Hands                                                                                      Pan in De Galaxy                                                   269

6. Tornadoes                                                                                           Ka Ka Roach                                                              268

7. New Generation                                                                                  Bees’ Melody                                                             266

7. Moods                                                                                                  Don’t Stop This Party                                               266

9. Our Boys                                                                                              Ah Feeling                                                                  264

10. Longdenville Claytones                                                                Free Up                                                                         261


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