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Published on February 23rd, 2014 | by Angela Fox


Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama 2014: Single and Small Band Finals – Appearance Order

When the Petrotrin Single and Small Band Finals get on the way at Skinner Park, San Fernando, on Thursday 27th February, defending Single Pan Champion San Juan East Side Symphony will lead the charge in the musical battle.

Under the baton of arranger Duvone Stewart, the San Juan based band will perform “Fantastic Friday” composed and sung by Austin Lyons aka Superblue.

The other winner, Arima Golden Symphony, will play in number seven In the Small Band category. Their selection, “In De Minor” is arranged by Terrence “BJ” Marcelle.

The San Fernando event is the first of two Finals in which the top steel orchestras by an elimination process will vie for bragging rights and cash prizes.

Twenty six (26) bands will transform Skinner Park, San Fernando, into a musical battle zone for pan supremacy. The action starts at 6:00pm.

Winners in the Single Pan category will receive $200,000. while the Small Band will collect $400,000., the Pan Trinbago and bp Challenge Trophies .

Patrons attending the event will have an opportunity of winning two (2) Return Economy Class tickets to any destination courtesy Caribbean Airlines.

Admission is $100.  Gates open two hours before the show.

The National Panorama Single Pan and Small Bands Finals is sponsored in part by Petrotrin.

See order of appearance: 



BAND                                                                             SELECTION                              ARRANGER

  1. San Juan East Side Symphony                       Fantastic Friday                                   Duvone Stewart
  2. T&T Fire Service                                                     Rainorama                            Terrence BJ Marcelle
  3. D’Original Woodbrook Modernaires       Sing In She Party                Arddin Herbert
  4. Trinidad Nostalgic                                                Jericho                                     Amrit Samaroo
  5. Uni Stars                                                                     Woman Is Boss                                     Kareem  Brown
  6. Scorpion Pan Reflection                                                     Fire Coming Down            Akiba Joseph
  7. Hope Pan Groovers                                             Both Ah Dem                        Tony “Pan Jumbie” Williams
  8. Scrunters Pan Groove                                        Breakaway                            Aaron Clarke
  9. Brimblers                                                                   Ah Want It                              Earl Brooks
  10. Curepe Polyphonics                                            Bacchanal Time                                   Kenneth “ Panam” Clarke
  11. Carib Woodbrook Playboyz                            Spankin                                                      Len “Boogsie” Sharpe
  12. Shades In Steel                                                            Ah Going And Party Tonight     Kenneth Guppy
  13. Pan Jammers                                                           This Melody Sweet           Nicholas Singh
  14. Trinidad East Side Symphony                        Poom Poom                          Carlon Harewood
  15. Pan Elites                                                                   Spankin                                                      Anslem  Campbell
  16. La Creole Pan Groove                                        Carnival Tabanca              Yohan Popwell


  1. Fascinators Pan Symphony                                     Big In The Dance                Daryl Reid
  2.  Codrington Pan Family                            EPIC                                            Cary & Keisha Codrington
  3. Laventille Serenaders                           Pan Scandal                            Arddin Herbert
  4. Pandemonium                                               Pan In Yuh Pwefem          Akua Eric Leith
  5. L.H.Pan Groove                                             This Melody Sweet           Kion Robinson
  6. Crescendoes  Musical                              Spankin                                                      Curtis Edwards
  7. Arima Golden Symphony                        In De Minor                           Terrence BJ Marcelle
  8. Petrotrin Siparia Deltones                                      Play More Local                                   Carlton “Zanda”Alexander
  9.  Super Novas                                                   In De Minor                           Amrit Samaroo
  10. Moods                                                                 Shakin It                                  Ken “Professor”Philmore



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