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Published on March 7th, 2013 | by Robbie Joseph


Phase II wins T&T National Panorama title

It was the greatest piece of music for Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove players who won the National Panorama Large Band category on Carnival Saturday night at the “Big Yard”, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

Phase II Pan Groove of Hamilton Street, Woodbrook, Port of Spain,  and led by  “Boogsie” Sharpe won  playing “More Love”. The band scored 283 points.

Placing second was defending champion Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars of Duke Street, Port of Spain. All Stars mesmerised the North and Grand stands with a spirited and energetic performance of Leon “Smooth” Edwards’s arrangement of “Bounce and Drive”.  Rolling of the tenor dominated the first change key. The band played the best ending in the entire competition.

In third was Renegades of 138 Charlotte Street, Port of Spain and led by Candice Andrews. The band played “Shock Attack” arranged by Duvonne Stewart scoring 275 points.

Republic Bank Exodus of Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna and led by Ainsworth Mohammed placed fourth. The band made a dramatic impact on stage dressed in black and gold playing an (a la Third World) Pelham Goddard’s arrangement of Maestro’s “Gold” which went down very good again in the North and Grand stands. No changes, nice piece of music Pelham.

“Big band” RBC Redemption Sound Setters from Montgomery Road, Scarborough and led by Marie Toby played “More Than An Oil Drum” arranged by Winston Gordon and Michael Toby. The band scored 259 points only adding four points to its semi-final score.

Buccoo Buccooneers won the Medium Band category and now make it four years in a row a Tobago steelband has won the title, with Steel Xplosion winning in 2010 and Katzenjammers in 2011- 2012.

Buccooneers from Chance Street, and led by Kirth McPherson played “Gold” arranged by Sieon Gomez scoring 279 points.  Buccooneers won the semi-finals scoring 271 points from Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille.

Gomez said on stage before the band played in the final: “I changed the end of the song, I was holding back for the final.  This tune real sweet, and I feel this is my year, but whatever happens, is cool with me.”

Gomez’s arrangement  stands out as one of the best he has arranged. The heavy bassline answering the frontline. The band started very precise and sharp and stressed on the lavways in the first change key.

The North and Grand stands erupted when Buccooneers finished playing with the players jumping for joy. What a winning performance.

Placing second was Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille playing “Long Time” arranged by Ken “Professor” Philmore.  The band scored 276 points.

Sound Specialists led by Kern John got a flying start with some smooth runs backed up with the “soft roll” of the tenors. The last change key was very classical followed by a strong and powerful end. Professor’s music with Sound Specialists goes a long way.

Going for a hat-trick, last year’s champion Petrotrin Katzenjammers  of Courtland Estate, Black Rock and led by Jemma Duke placed third.

Talk about  a jumpy and well-arranged song, everyone in the Grand Stand taught Katzenjammers had won.

Playing “Keshorn-Javelin Champions” arranged by Len “Boogsie” Sharpe, the band scored 272 points.

Total readiness and sharpness from the players from the start of the introduction. Excellent innovations with the four pans and cellos in the first change key with a jumpy second chorus. Nice collaboration from BSharpe.

“Boogsie” said: “Certain parts in the first change key was replaced and also at the end. The band played excellent.”

Placing fourth was Curepe Scherzando of Evans Street, Curepe. The band led by Teddy Neptune scored 267 points and played “We Come Out To Play” arranged by Yohan Popwell.

Pan Elders of Carib Street, San Fernando and led by Hollister Smith played a wicked back in time “We Come Out To Play” arranged by Duvone Stewart. The band placed fifth scoring 265 points.

NGC Couva Joylanders placed sixth playing “Band From Space” arranged by Kenneth “Panman” Clarke. The band from Railway Road, Couva and led by Richard Gill scored 264 points.

Valley Harps and Steel Xplosion tied for seventh. Valley Harps played “More Love” arranged by Michelle Huggins Watts and scored 258 points.

Coming from Boner Road, Carnbee, former 2010 champions Steel Xplosion led by Kimberley Carrington played “Tell Dem” arranged by Terrence “BJ” Marcelle.

The band made the same mistake by starting the introduction too slow and tried to pick up the pace later on in the song. Too much heavy background with the frontline not responding.

Placing ninth was Carib Dixieland of Mt Pleasant and led by Keston Duke played “Shock Attack” arranged by Leon “Smooth” Edwards. The band scored 256 points.

As the greatest show on earth ends, pan lovers look forward to 2014.


The results:


1.         Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove             “More Love”                            283

2.         Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars                      “Bounce And Drive”                278

3.          bp Renegades                                                “Shock Attack”                                    275

4.         Republic Bank Exodus                                    “Gold”                                      271

5.         Junior Sammy Group Skiffle                “Sapna- The Dream”               270

6.         WITCO Desperadoes                          “Hammer Time”                        268

6.         CAL Invaders                                      “Dat Is Lie”                               268

8.         PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars                   “Shock Attack”                                    267

8.          NLCB Fonclaire                                              “Addicted”                               267

10.       RBC Redemption Sound Setters                     “More Than an Oil Drum”         259



1.         NLCB Buccooneers                                        “Gold”                                      279

2.         Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille                       “Long Time”                             276

3.         Petrotrin Katzenjammers                                 “Keshorn-Javelin Champions” 272

4.         Curepe Scherzando                                        “We Come Out To Play”           267

5.         Pan Elders                                                       “We Come Out To Play”                       265

6.         NGC Couva Joylanders                                               “Band From Space”                 264

7.         Steel Xplosion                                                 “Tell Dem”                                258

7.         Valley Harps                                                   “More Love”                            258

9.         Carib Dixieland                                                            “Shock Attack”                                    256

10.        Arima Angel Harps                                         “We Come Out to Play”                        254


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