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Published on January 20th, 2016 | by Angela Fox


Semi-Finals Order of Appearance for Single Pan Bands – Trinidad & Tobago National Steelband Panorama 2016

The National Panorama Single Pan Bands Semi Finals takes the spotlight on Friday evening as thirty two (32) steelbands vie for sixteen (16) coveted places in the Grand Finals.

“Excitement and Excellence” are the watch words of this year’s event. The Semi-Finals is carded for Friday January 22nd, in front of Pan Trinbago’s Head Office, Park Street, Port of Spain, opposite Victoria Square, from 7:00 pm. Patrons can view the competition at Victoria Square, Duke Street, Port of Spain. Cost of the Bleachers tickets is $50.

The following is the order of appearance:-


BAND                                                             SELECTION                        ARRANGER

 1.      T&T Fire Services                                    Rebecca                       Terrence BJ Marcelle

2       Metro Stars                                               Like Ah Boss                             Steve Jack   

3     Pan Stereonettes                                    Pan In Danger                         Anslem Campbell

4    Magic Notes Rebirth                              Pan Earthquake       Rishi Depoosingh/Jerome Jones         

5   Gonzales Sheikers                                    Like Ah Boss                            Keisha Codrington      

6.   Trinidad East Side Symphony         Total Disorder                         Carlon Harewood

7.   Self Help Marines                                   Ah Have It Hard                      Godwin Bowen

8.   Nostrand Symphony                            Pop Ah Bottle                         Clive Telemaque

9.   Pan Jammers                                           Somebody                                Robert Tobitt  

10. Platinum                                                    Unknown Band                     Natasha Joseph

11. Arima All Stars                                        Kaka Roach                             Brian Austin

12. New Age Trendsetters                    Wine On Something                 Curtis Jones

13. Stardust                                                      Nah Do Dat                           Jason Peanuts Isaac

14 Pan On The Move                                   Like Ah Boss                        Kenneth  Panaam Clarke

15 T&T Defence Force                           Don’t Stop This Party              Sheldon Peters           

16.Tiger Tanks Fyzabad 4th Dimension  Get Something & Wave          Akiba Joseph

17 Pan Elites                                         Signal To Lara                         Nathaniel Flemming                

 18.Hope Pan Groovers                           Lucy                                     Tony “Pan Jumbie”Williams

19. Scrunters Pan Groove                     Party Time                         Alexis Lecky Hope

20. Marsicans                                             Say Say                                  Marlon White

21.King’s Row Retro Riddum        Fire In The Back Seat           Aquil Arrindell

22. North Eastern All Stars             Party Time Again                 Committee Members

23. Trinidad Nostalgic                      Gimme More                             Amrit Samaroo

24. Uni Stars                                         The Jammers                              Kareem Brown

25. Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony    On The Road/Ah Come Back              Seion Gomez           

26. City Sun Valley Pan Gro            Commess                                    Dane Gulston           

27. Shades in Steel                                No No We Eh Going Home         Dante Pantin

28. Woodbrook Playboyz                   Free Up                                    Michelle Huggins-Watts

29. D’Original Woodbrook Modernaires     On The Road         Ankoma Bobby Paul

30. Harlem Syncopators                        The Will                                     Kevin Williams

31.San Juan East Side Symphon      No No We Eh Going Home         Duvone Stewart

32. Nu Pioneers Pan Groove                Teaser                              Shaun Marcano/Simon Marcano  

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