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Published on April 24th, 2015 | by Barbara Sealey Rhoden


“Steel Pan Vibes…” Radio Program Moving Through Airwaves in Central Florida

Palm Bay, FL – Two years after relocating from New York to Florida, Barbara Sealy Rhoden continues to aggressively promote the steelpan art form.  In February 2009, she began producing and hosting a weekly, 1-hour radio program called, “SteelpanVibes, It’s More Than Music” at WNRG 107.9FM in Palm Bay, FL.  On February 4 this year, she began broadcasting on 2 additional stations in the Central Florida, 100.7FM in Melbourne/Palm Bay/Sebastian and 94.7FM in Cocoa/Rockledge/Titusville/The Beaches.


“The music and sounds of the steelpan are awesome.  The truth is people all over the world love it whenever they hear it, but media outlets are scarce.  Radio is a good place to expose and promote the art form” said Ms. Sealy Rhoden in a recent interview.

“The Caribbean audience knows what pan is.  However, to appeal to an audience made up of more American listeners, the “SteelpanVibes…” playlist focuses on steelpan recordings in the popular R&B, jazz, reggae, classical and latin music genres.  The history of steelpan, calypso and panorama tunes are  incorporated as those listeners become more familiar with the various sounds and instruments in steelpan ensembles and steel orchestras”, added the program’s host.


When asked about other elements of the program’s format, “It’s quite simple. While all the music is pan, radio appeals to listeners when they learn about something interesting, inspiring and empowering.  So in addition to featuring the finest steelpan recordings available throughout the program, in the “SteelpanVibes Spotlight” segment, we interview guests from all walks of life who make a difference in their community and are passionate about what they do.  For example, our second program featured an interview with Dr. Ellie Mannette, one of the best-known pioneers of the steelpan.   He talked about some of his early experiences with the instrument in Trinidad as well as those in the USA in the 60s.   Last week, we interviewed members of the executive board of Fifty Plus and Bridging, Inc, a non-profit organization based in Palm Bay.  This organization raises funds to award educational scholarships to youth in the community.  Listeners are interested in and appreciate this type of information,” she responded.


“SteelpanVibes…” mixes the music of the steelpan with information that matters”, stated Ms. Sealy Rhoden confidently.  “The audience is growing and several listeners have suggested a longer program.  I’ve been asking them to come back next week for more!”

What’s next for the steelpan in Central Florida? “More exposure for the art form, more stations, steelpan festivals, more pan programs in schools, churches and community organizations, just more pan and more work for pan musicians in the area”, she added with a smile.

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To hear “SteelpanVibes, It’s More Than Music” you can listen Saturdays at 11am EST in Melbourne/Palm Bay to WNRG 107.9FM and streaming live at www.energydancemix.com and at 7pm EST to 100.7FM in Melbourne/Palm Bay and 94.7FM in Cocoa/Rockledge streaming live at www.hot947fm.com.  For more information on the program email:



CONTACT:  Barbara Sealy Rhoden

Email:  steelpanvibes@yahoo.com

Mobile:  347.415.77


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