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Published on February 27th, 2014 | by Robbie Joseph


Trinbago Large and Medium Steelbands Finalists 2014

Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars created excitement literally as the band from East Port of Spain amassed the most points in the National Panorama Large Band semi final round.

Incidentally, All Stars playing a Telemaque/Henrdickson composition “Excitement”, will perform at position nine in their category on Saturday 1 March, at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

Ten (10) Medium Bands will compete in the first category while eleven (11) will do battle in the Large Band category.

NLCB Buccooneers of Tobago, will be making a bid to retain their title with the Seion Gomez’ arrangement of “Madness” composed and sung by David Rudder. They will perform in the tenth spot.

In addition to the competition aspect of the program, eight (8) persons will be honored for their “sterling contribution to the Steelband Movement”.

They are Sonny Blacks, Clifford Alexis, Michael “Mannish” Robinson, Granville Sealey, Russell Henderson MBE, Brent Holder MBE, Augustus “Pepe” Francis MBE, and Sterling Betancourt MBE.

Showtime is 7:00 pm. Tickets are on sale at the advertised outlets.

The playing order of appearance is as follows:-




         BAND                                                 SELECTION                                 ARRANGER

  1. Melodians                                             The Hammer                         Amrit Samaroo
  2. Carib Dixieland                                       Dis Is It                               Leon “Smooth” Edwards
  3. NGC Steel Xplosion                                 Dust In Dey Face                  Arddin Herbert
  4. Pan Elders                                              All Ah We Is One Family       Duvone Stewart
  5. Valley Harps                                           Happiest Man Alive               Michelle Huggins-Watts
  6. Petrotrin Katzenjammers                           Spankin                                    Len ”Boogsie” Sharpe
  7. NGC Couva Joylanders                           Free Up                               Kareem Brown
  8. Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille         Poison                                Ken “Professor” Philmore
  9. Arima Angel Harps                                 In De Minor                          Shelton Besson
  10. NLCB Buccooneers                               Madness                                Seion Gomez


1.  CAL Invaders                                          Jam It                                   Arddin Herbert

2.  NLCB Fonclaire                                     Big In The Dance                    Ken “Professor” Philmore

3. NGC La Brea Nightingales                        Pan In The Atmosphere                        Terrence “BJ” Marcelle

4. WITCO Desperadoes                                Spankin                                 Robert Greenidge

5. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps                   In De Minor                           Clarence Morris

6. Republic Bank Exodus                             Pan Is Carnival                                   Pelham Goddard

7.  PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars                        The Reason                            Liam Teague

8. Skiffle                                                     TheWedding (Shaadi)             Ray Holman

9. Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars                            Excitement                              Leon”Smooth” Edwards

10  Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove                    Jump High                            Len “Boogsie” Sharpe

11. Bp Renegades                                        In De Minor                           Duvone Stewart


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