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Published on January 27th, 2014 | by Angela Fox


T&T Single Pan Panorama Prelims 2014 – East Zone

Panorama 2014 has officially started with the National Single Pan Bands categories.

Come Thursday January 30th, twenty one (21) bands in the Eastern Region will face the judges as they perform their tune of choice at the Arima Velodrome, Hollis Avenue, Arima, from 6:00pm.

First off the starting block is Trinidad East Side Symphony with their selection “Poom Poom” composed and sung by Austin Lyons aka Super Blue.  The band is under the baton of Carlon Harewood.

Last year’s winner, San Juan East Side Symphony, will perform at position five playing the Duvone Stewart arrangement of Austin Lyons’ “Fantastic Friday”, while the Arima Panorama Champs, Marsicans, have opted for Chris Tambu Herbert’s “Free Up” arranged by Marlon White. They have drawn number four.

Listed below is the order that the bands will perform.

Bands                                                            Selection                                    Composer                                  Arranger

1.Trinidad East Side Synphony            Poom Poom                              Austin Lyons                             Carlon Harewood

2. Arima All Stars                                      Dingolay                                                       Winston Bailey                         Gillian Tobias

3. Chord Masters                                      This Party Is It                          Chris Tambu Herbert              Akua Leith

4. Marsicans                                               Free Up                                       Chris Tambu Herbert              Marlon White

5. San Juan EastSide Symphony         Fantastic Friday                       Austin Lyons                             Duvone Stewart

6. Cocorite Road Pan Groovers             Spankin                                      Austin Lyons                             Sheldon Peters

7. San Juan All Stars                                 Bahia Girl                                    David Rudder                            Jerrod Lett

8. Curepe Polyphonics                             Bacchanal Time                       Austin Lyons                             Kenneth Clarke

9. Magic Notes Rebirth                           Bacchanal Time                       Austin Lyons                 Jerome Jones/Rishi Depoosingh

10. Sound of Music                                  Pan Obsession               Thecla Forde-Rodriguez                  Bertram Brewster

11. Star Sapphire                                      I Music                                        Len Boogsie Sharpe                Andre Boldon

12. Pan Jammers                                      This Melody Sweet                Winsford Devine                     Nicholas Singh

13. United Sounds                                    Display                                        Faye Ann Lyons                       Michael Padmore

14. East Phonics                                        Natasha                                      Slinger Francisco                     Floyd Cameron

15. Trinidad Nostalgic                              Jericho                                         Aldwyn Roberts                       Amrit Samaroo

16. Brazil Rx4                                              Shaking It                      Emanuel Ector/Ronnie McIntosh       Andre Monroe

17. Nu Pioneers Pan Groove                 Sweet & Sexy                           Len “Boogsie” Sharpe            Sean & Simon Marcano

18. Pan Elites                                              Spankin                                      Austin Lyons                             Anslem Campbell

19. North Eastern All Stars                     Rebecca                                      Austin Lyons                             Melville Thomas

20.Pan on the Move                                Madness                                    David Rudder                            Kyle Boldon

21. Pan Stereonetts                                 Spankin                                      Austin Lyons                             Mark Hosten

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