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Published on January 27th, 2014 | by Angela Fox


T&T Single Pan Panorama Prelims 2014 – North Zone

Sweet pan is it when the Northern Region hosts its National Single Pan Panorama Preliminaries on Sunday 01st February at The Paddock, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, from 5:00 pm

Twenty nine (29) bands will perform before the judges’ panel in a bid to secure places in the semi final round which will be held at Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on Saturday February 15.

Steelbands’ selections range from the late Grandmaster, Aldwyn Roberts’ (“Sixty Seven”), to Kenneth Charles/Alvin Daniell (“Men of Steel”), Clive Telemaque/Shirlane Hendrickson (“Excitement”), Ian Alvarez (“Carnival Tabanca”) and Austin Lyons (“Spankin”).

Starting with Music Makers, the bands will perform as follows:-

1.Music Makers                          Men of Steel                            Kenneth Charles/Alvin Daniell                           Kenneth Charles

2 Spree Simon Harmonics         Nah Do Dat                                Neil “Iwer” George                                                Ayllan Franklin

3. Uni Stars                                     Woman Is Boss                     Len “Boogsie” Sharpe                                             Kareem Brown

4. Belmont Hi Larks                    Spankin                                    Austin  Lyons                                                    Brian “Bean” Griffith

5. Gonzales Sheikers                  Free Up                                      Chris “Tambu” Herbert                                          Darren Sheppard

6. St. James Tripolians               Doh Try Dat                              Edwin Ayoung                                                          Darryl Reid

7. Stardust Steel Orch.               Pan Redemption                    Jason ”Peanut” Isaac                  Jason Isaac assisted by Simon Superville

8. D’Original W/brook Modernaires  She Want Me to Sing in She Party  Owen Reyes Johnson                              Arddin Herbert

9  Freelancers Pan Groove             Feeling to Party                   Leroy Calliste                                                            Trevor Redhead/John Souris

10. City Sun Valley                      Shaking It                                 Emanuel Ector/Ronnie McIntosh                    Dane Gulston

11. Nayal Hill School of Music     Spankin                                    Austin Lyons                                                           Roger Moon Robinson

12. Blanca 47                                 Iwer Butterfly Shadow         Colin Lucas                                                                 Michael Glasgow

13. Brimblers                                 Ah Want It                                Johnston King                                                           Earl Brooks

14. Nuttin Big Pan Groove      Happy                         Ronnie McIntosh                                                     Hanif Goodridge

15.One Love Steel Orch.           Sixty Seven                              Aldwyn Roberts                                     Ian Brimmer Baird

16. DUntouchable Pan Groove   Rebecca                                    Austin Lyons                                                             Michael Jaggernauth

17. World Wide

18. La Famille United S/Orch      Ah Wine Is Ah Wine               Neil “Iwer” George                                                 Ronnie Ross

19. T&T Defence Force              Ain’t Going Home                  Chris “Tambu” Herbert                                          Terrence BJ Marcelle

20. Scrunters Pan Groove         Breakaway                               Austin Lyons/Leon Grey                                       Sherwin Fraser Pierre

21. Nostrand Symphony           Excitement                 Clive Telemaque/Shirlane Hendrickson                        CliveTelemaque

22. T&T Fire Services                 Rainorama                               Aldwyn Roberts                                                        Terrence BJ Marcelle

23. La Creole Pan Groove       Carnival Tabanca                     Ian Alvarez                                                                 Yohan Popwell

24. Scorpion Pan Reflections  Fire Coming Down                  Austin Lyons                                                              Akiba Joseph

25. Belmont City Kids                  Dr.  Wine                                  Bunny Bynoe                                                             Bynoe/R. Toussaint

26. Carib W/brook Playboyz   Spankin                                     Austin Lyons                                                              Len “Boogsie”Sharpe

27. All Aces                                    Mind Yuh Business               Len “Boogsie” Sharpe                                             Bertram Bob Thomas

28. Harlem Syncopators

29. Ice Water                               Carnival Tabanca                   Ian Alvarez                                                                Eric McAllister


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