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Published on January 27th, 2014 | by Angela Fox


T&T Single Pan Panorama Prelims 2014 – South Central Zone

Austin Lyons’ “Spanking” is South’s Tune of Choice

Self Help Marines will be first on stage at the National Panorama Single Pan Preliminaries South/Central Region.

The band which hails from Point Fortin has chosen the Austin Lyons’ composition, ”Spanking”, arranged by Godwin Bowen to perform for the judges.

Ten (10) bands will compete in this category on Sunday February 02 at the Petrotrin Sports Club Car Park, Guaracara Park, Point a Pierre.  Starting time is 6:00 pm.  Admission is $60.

Of the competing bands, four (4) have opted for a selection from this year’s music catalogue ie “Spanking” sung by Super Blue.

The draw for playing positions in all categories took place at the Region’s Office last Tuesday afternoon.

The order of appearance is as follows:-

Band                                                              Selection                                   Composer                                                    Arranger

1. Self Help Marines                                Spanking                                    Austin Lyons                                               Godwin Bowen

2. Rio Claro Koskeros                               Spanking                                    Austin Lyons                                               Kenny Pascall

3. Shades In Steel                                     Ah Going and Party Tonight                  Robert Nelson                              Kenneth Guppy

4. St Thomas Silver Stars                       Spanking                                    Austin Lyons                                               Ancil John

5. Jah Roots                               The Road Made to Walk                        Aldwyn Roberts                                         Jah Roots

6. Highlighters                                            Spanking                                    Austin Lyons                                               Jason Farrell

7. Tiger Tanks Fyzabad        Jump on the Count of Four                       Russell Cadogan                                        Richard Gittens

4th Dimension

8. Pan Revival                                        Ah Feeling to Rock                      Clinton Moreau                                          Sean Ramsey

9. New Age Trendsetters                       Fire Down Below                     Len “Boogsie” Sharpe              Glenford Sobers Jr./Miles

Phillip/Kadeem Sobers

10. La Romaine Super Vibes                 La La                                            Robert Nelson                                             Garvin Williams


Sunday’s competition brings the curtain down on the Single Pan Band Preliminaries.  Semi Finalists will be announced after the opening and tabulation of the score sheets on Monday 3rd February at the Port of Spain City Hall Auditorium, Knox Street, Port of Spain, at 10:00 am.


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