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Published on August 23rd, 2016 | by Robbie Joseph


UK National Panorama 2016 – Panyard Round Up – Metronomes Steel Orchestra

Metronomes are celebrates their 43rd anniversary  this year. The Metronomes Steel Orchestra (MSO) was formed in 1973 by Phil Dubique and Irvin Corridan, although the band existed previously under different names. This family based steel band is an established UK steel pan icon and has effectively contributed to this wonderful art form for more than forty years. MSO is currently managed by Eversley ‘Breeze’ Mills – vice chairman of BAS. Metronomes are constantly extending their expertise and developing an in-depth knowledge of the evolution of music & this musical instrument called the steel pan.

Arrangers who have worked with the band previously include, Freddie Totesaut, Kyron Akal, Ken “Professor” Philmore, Yohann Popwell, Pedro Burgess, Anderson Cupid, Stephon Phillip & Justin Richardson.
The band has two main principles, to promote the steel pan art form and Carnival culture in the UK and to play a positive role within the community, encouraging musical development and self – confidence for all.

Metronomes have had several major achievements:

* Winners at the UK Steel Band Music Festival in 1976.

* Won the UK National Panorama four times and six times as runners up.

* Played at the opening of the Channel Tunnel.

* BAS Pan Explosion winners in 2000 and 2001.

* They have also won the Notting Hill “On the Road Competition” twice.

They continue to tour the UK & Ireland, from house parties to award ceremonies, including the 2009 Calabash Awards and have previously completed many international tours, including September 2005 in Leipzig, Germany on an invitation from the T&T High Commission.

Metronomes provide entertainment for all functions including weddings, birthdays, corporate events and many more. With their eclectic repertoire, they are certain they have music for all occasions. We also provide classes for young people and anyone interested in learning to play the steel pans.

In 2012, they captured 5th place and as was absent from previous year’s competition. Playing a Ken ‘Professor’ Philmore’s rendition of the legendary Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe’s ‘Archbishop of Pan’ saw them attain 247 points.  In 2013, Metronomes employed the services of Anise ‘Halfers’ Hadeed as their musical arranger and their tune of choice was ‘Shock Attack’ by Edwin Pouchet and Alvin Daniell and sung by Denyse Plumber. They achieved 2nd place in the competition. This was followed by another 2nd placing in 2014 when they played Carnival Tabanca arranged by ‘Halfers’. In 2015, Metronomes under the musical direction of Anise’Halfers’ Hadeed succeeded in attaining 4th place with their rendition of ‘Ah Feeling Ah Feeling’. The combination of ‘Halfers’ and Metronomes appears to be one that will reap awards. Metronomes continue to produce a high level of musicality ensuring that the standard at this competition is maintained and continues to progress towards the ultimate goal of perfection. Their tune of choice for 2016 is ‘Different Me’ by 5 Star Akil.

Metronomes Steel Orchestra Contact details:

Address: Meanwhile Gardens Community Associations

156–158 Kensal Road London W10 5NB

Telephone: 07774 216 746

Agent: metronomesteelorch@hotmail.com

Website:  http://www.metronomes.org.uk


2016  Steelbands playing order at the UK National Panorama:

CSI Steelband Trust Pan By Storm Designer Brent Holder “Mapo” Richardson Brent Holder MBE  Tanisha Elcock
Ebony Steelband Cheers to Life Voice Duvone Stewart Dudley Dickson Pepe Francis MBE Anesha Carbon
Real Steel Nostalgia Carlton ‘Panman’ Harewood Leroy Clarke Toussaint Clarke Leroy Clarke
Mangrove Steel Band Different Me 5Star Akil Andre White Bertrand “Birch” Kellman Debi Gardner Andrew Facey
Metronomes Steel Orchestra Different Me 5Star Akil Annise ‘Halfers’ Hadeed Toussaint Clarke & Grafton Yearwood Eversley Mills Vivian Miller
Croydon Steel Orchestra Different Me 5Star Akil David Ijaduola Emily “Bacchanal” Lemmerman Paul Dowie Jody Moosetach-Humphries & Temitayo Ken Afolabi
London All Stars Soca Ruption Simon Superville Phil ‘DBL’ Rollock Frank Rollock Frank Rollock Shanai Rollock
Endurance Steel Orchestra Different Me 5Star Akil Marlon Hibbert Toussaint Clarke & Yann Brabant Shareen Gray Marlon Hibbert



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