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Published on August 24th, 2016 | by Robbie Joseph


UK National Steelband Panorama ‘Champions of Steel’ 2016 – Panyard Round Up – London All Stars Steel Orchestra

Frank Rollock’s seven talented children developed their musical skills on a variety of brass and reed instruments and the family band; The Royaltys was enjoying great success under Frank’s direction. Such intense interest developed for the pan instrument that in 1974 a band evolved to foster and maintain this, London All Stars was an obvious tribute to Frank’s background. He has directed the band through many successes, culminating in their winning the UK’s first National Steelband Festival Championship.

Frank and Gerald Forsyth OBE were responsible for the formation of the UK National Steelband that played at Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations in 2002 and London All Stars players were notably included for this event. London All Stars continues their tradition of being an all-family steelband as all of Frank’s grand and great grand children are now players in the band ensuring that the legacy he has started will live on for many generations to come. Frank is well known for his love for classical music and his musical arrangements are testimony to this.

The young Rollock players in the band have been making their mark each year at the Notting Hill Jouvert competition with the older heads just being around to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as it possibly can. Since the competition’s rebirth, London All Stars has won the coveted title in 2004 – 2006,

London All Stars – BAS Bomb Tune Champions

London All Stars have become known as the BAS ‘Bomb’ tune champion winning this competition six times since its rebirth in 2004. A hat trick of wins from 2004 – 2006, 2008 followed by wins in 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 established them as the UK Jouvert Bomb tune victors. This all family steelband started with Frank Rollock’s seven children performing on a variety of brass and reed instruments as ‘The Royaltys’ until London All Stars was formed in 1974 under Frank’ musical direction. He directed the band through many successes including winning the first UK National Steelband Festival Championship in 1983, capturing the title of ‘Champions of Steel’ by winning the National UK Steelbands Panorama competition in 1980, 1985 and 1989 and placing second in 1987 and third in 1981 and 1982.

Jouvert Bomb Tunes:


2004 – Crying

2005 – She

2006 – Romeo and Juliet

2008 – Softly awakes my heart

2010 – Liebestraum

2012 – Feelings

2014 – Shadow of your Smile

2015 –

Out of frustration due to the lack of a place to practice, Frank Rollock Sr – built his own panyard in his back yard in Brixton London; giving the band a firm foundation and opportunity to continue its development as one of the big bands in the UK.

London All Stars has consistently attended and supported the UK National Panorama competition over the years and when they do not appear their players can be seen playing with other bands in the competition.

The beauty of it is that when people hear the band coming down the street, they automatically know its “All Stars” and their excitement at seeing the band “back on the road” is gratifying to say the least. The band in its own right has not been inactive, just more discerning in their performances. The band has been more prominent on the private function scene, with individual players enhancing other “band’s” performances at private functions, as those in the know realise that if you want a good session pan player that can play any pan, (and if the pay is right, will play two separate instruments at the same time i.e. bass and a strumming pan,) then you must have a “Rollock”.

Frank and London All Stars Steel Orchestra celebrated their 42nd  anniversary this year and will always be well remembered for their unique style of playing and sound.

This year London All Stars returns to the 2016 UK National Steelband Panorama competition after being absent for a number of years. Their tune of choice is ‘Soca Ruption’ by Simon Superville. Their tune is musically arranged by Phil ‘Dbl’ Rollock and this is his first time arranging for the panorama competition.


2016  Steelbands playing order at the UK National Panorama:

CSI Steelband Trust Pan By Storm Designer Brent Holder “Mapo” Richardson Brent Holder MBE  Tanisha Elcock
Ebony Steelband Cheers to Life Voice Duvone Stewart Dudley Dickson Pepe Francis MBE Anesha Carbon
Real Steel Nostalgia Carlton ‘Panman’ Harewood Leroy Clarke Toussaint Clarke Leroy Clarke
Mangrove Steel Band Different Me 5Star Akil Andre White Bertrand “Birch” Kellman Debi Gardner Andrew Facey
Metronomes Steel Orchestra Different Me 5Star Akil Annise ‘Halfers’ Hadeed Toussaint Clarke & Grafton Yearwood Eversley Mills Vivian Miller
Croydon Steel Orchestra Different Me 5Star Akil David Ijaduola Emily “Bacchanal” Lemmerman Paul Dowie Jody Moosetach-Humphries & Temitayo Ken Afolabi
London All Stars Soca Ruption Simon Superville Phil ‘DBL’ Rollock Frank Rollock Frank Rollock Shanai Rollock
Endurance Steel Orchestra Different Me 5Star Akil Marlon Hibbert Toussaint Clarke & Yann Brabant Shareen Gray Marlon Hibbert

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