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Classorama July 2019

Classorama Press Release July 2019


Classoramais a school Steelband competition involving Primary and Secondary schools from across London and the UK which is now in its 6th year.

Classoramawas founded by Kyron Akal and coordinated and managed by the Steel Pan Trust Charity. The first event was held at the Sir John Cass Foundation School, this year’s event will be held at Canon’s House Open Space on Friday 12thJuly 2019 from 9am – 5pm

Steelpan Trust for many years have been promoting the use of Steelbands in schools in London and across the UK.  Classoramafollows a model of the school Steelband competition held annually in Trinidad and Tobago. Its purpose here in the UK is to recognise the excellent work of the schools and their Steelbands, without the Classoramacompetition, the talents of these youngsters would otherwise go unnoticed.  

Classoramais now in its 6thsuccessful year and the competition in 2019 hopes to emulate that of previous years. This year the competition will host a Blockoramaelement where bands can perform their repertoire between 13:30 – 15.30. This gives the audience and other bands the opportunity to share the excellence of the schools aside from the competition. 

Winners in the past include; Roundwood Primary School (2014/16), Kingsdale Foundation Secondary School (2014/15/17/18), Manorfield Primary School (2018), Harris Primary Academy School (2017), Sir John Cass’s & Red Coat CofE Secondary School (2016). 

There is a great enthusiasm for schools taking part in the Classorama competition which raises the standard and excellence each year. 

For further information or to arrange an interview please contact: 

David Kalloo 07738864335/

Shareen Gray 0738869121


Classorama 2019


Canon’s House Open Space (next to Canon Leisure Centre)





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